2023 Resource Corrections

Posted in 2023, Resources on August 24th

No matter how much attention to detail is paid in creating new materials, mistakes will crop up, and our 2023 BQ resources are no different. As a self-described “recovering perfectionist,” even a single oversight on my behalf weighs heavily on me. I am only somewhat consoled that none of the errors listed below are especially critical, but do nonetheless warrant ownership on my part. I have already been in discussions to improve the production system to avoid these types of issues in the future.

Thank you for your grace and understanding.

– Russ Faubert, Bible Quizzing Director

Study Guide

– Eph 1 sidebar – inheritance should be listed as vv.11, 14, 18

– Eph 4:9 – uncleanness should be purple

– 2 Tim 1:11 – preacher should be green

– 2 Tim 2:3 – endure should not be blue

Study Guide, Verse Cards, Quick-Reference Sheets

– Col 1:28 – preach should be purple


– Missing the very first entry:

ABIDE     1 Timothy 1:3     As I besought thee to abide still at Ephesus, when I went into Macedonia, that…

– Ti 3:10 – heretick incorrectly spelled “heretic”

– 2 Tim 3:17 – throughly incorrectly listed as “thoroughly”

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