2020 Bible Quiz Extravaganzas

2020 BQEs

2020 BQE-Used Quiz Set

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This is the set of 35 quizzes through Psalm 57 that was to be used at the final extravaganza.


March 26, 2020 | We pray that everyone is safe and healthy and remains so in Jesus’ name!

Thank you for your patience these last twelve days as we prayed and weighed the best approach to account for the cancelled BQEs. We want to fairly and flexibly allocate NABQT-qualifying spots to districts unable to attend BQEs due to the cancellations, as well as account for the possible attrition that may occur due to the lack of district practice tournaments.

To these ends, the following process has been applied:

  • Take 2020 Southeast BQE results as is + 2019 per district BQE results (not individual teams) in lieu of canceled 2020 BQEs
  • Apply highest attendance to each BQE going back to 2017
  • Identify which districts would’ve qualified teams using BQE participation criteria in 2020 manual
  • Average which districts would’ve received extra spots at BQEs, rounding up
  • Use either 2020 spots, 2019 spots, or 3-year average of spots, whichever is greatest

Other than the 2020 Southeast BQE spots, which specific teams received, all other spots will be allocated on a district level and not to specific teams. District Coordinators will be apprised as to which spots will be allocated to his/her district.

In addition, NABQT-qualifying spots based on the number of participating teams at each district’s finals will be adjusted from a factor of five to a factor of four, as indicated below.

Participating Teams         NABQT Spots
1                                           1
2 – 7                                    2
8 – 11                                  3
12 – 15                                4
16 – 19                                5
20 – 27                                6
28 – 35                                7

While we trust that all district finals will be held, there is no way to know just how attrition may or may not affect districts. We will monitor the situation and reserve the right to adjust accordingly, with further announcements as necessary. Thank you for extending grace during these fluid circumstances.


March 14, 2020 | Unprecedented national and state announcements over the past 48 hours have merited much prayer and counsel. UPCI Youth Ministries has made the difficult decision to cancel the remaining Bible Quiz Extravaganzas for 2020, given the large crowds, inter-state travel, and the initial asymptomatic nature of the coronavirus. We are working through exactly how these cancellations will impact qualifying spots for the North American Bible Quiz Tournament. Details will be released once we have thoroughly weighed all options. For all registered teams, refunds will be forthcoming. Thank you for your understanding.


Southeast – March 12-14
Sanctuary of Praise, Anderson, SC (Pastor Russell Drake)
Rally Speaker: Joshua B. Carson, UPCI Youth Ministries President

Intermediate Division coverage – through Psalm 34 (211 vv.)
Experienced Division coverage – through Psalm 40 (268 vv.)

Early registration ended Sunday, February 23.
Registration closed Sunday, March 8.



South Central – CANCELLED

Northeast – CANCELLED

North Central – CANCELLED