Word for Life

What is a “Word For Life”¬†service?

  • This is a Bible-focused promotions service, similar to Faith Promise services.
  • To inspire faith commitments toward Bible quizzing, M90 and BREAD reading participation
  • To assist local pastors, youth leaders and district Bible quizzing coordinators in the promotion of Bible study among all saints.

How do they work?
The General Youth Division (GYD) provides ready-made service kits for interested hosts.

Service kits include:

Services are:

  • Hosted at local churches or as district events (i.e. youth rallies, HYC, etc)
  • Coordinated by local pastors or district Bible quizzing coordinators
  • Held throughout the year, but most commonly in the quizzing off-season (August-October)
  • The main emphasis is on Senior Bible quizzing, but also includes Junior Bible quizzing, M90, BREAD reading and other Bible study resources