“…contains this information.”

Posted in Quiz Questions on August 20th

“Glory of God;” quote the verse that contains this phrase.

There are instances in which a quizzer might interrupt and conclude a question LIKE the one above with, “…that contains this information.” And most times that quizzer would be correct because the information is so unique that it is found in only that particular verse.

However, there are some times, like the question above, in which the quizzer would be incorrect because. while the phrase is unique, the information it conveys is not. Any other verse mentioning “his glory” or “thy glory” in reference to God contains, in essence, the same information.

Such questions will always be written, “…contains this word,” or “…contains this phrase” (as phrase for Bible Quizzing purposes is defined as any series of more than one word). It is always in the quizzer’s best interest to answer the question as accurately as possible, rather than casting a net too wide and risking that the same information is found in another verse.

Russ Faubert
Bible Quizzing Director
UPCI Youth Ministries

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