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Posted by: in General Interest on October 7th

The term “selah” is found 18 times in 9 psalms of our study. We don’t exactly know what it means, but it includes the concepts of pausing to praise, or waiting, or reflecting, or quieting yourself in God’s presence. For Bible Quizzing purposes, the question is most often whether it is pronounced “SEE-lah” or “SAY-lah.”… View Article

Did You Notice?

Posted by: in General Interest on September 10th

Did you notice that the winding path through the meadow in this year’s promo image matches the curve of the S in PURSUE?

By Stormy Fierge

Posted by: in General Interest on September 9th

Bible Quizzing by Stormy Fierge Bible quizzing is an equipping ministry Practical growth I gain Learning self-discipline, I choose to study instead of enjoying futile entertainment Learning work efficiency, I choose to focus instead of wasting time Learning English skills, I choose to work at fundamentals instead of lazy question making Learning practical growth through… View Article

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