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Quiz Questions in Each Division

Posted by: in Quiz Questions on July 24th

What is the difference between Intermediate Division quiz questions and Experienced Division quiz questions? Only the scope of the material from which the questions are drawn. For both your district finals and nationals, the questions for both divisions are written into the same database. When quizzes are compiled, Experienced Division quiz questions are simply filtered… View Article

Including “Quote”

Posted by: in Quiz Questions on September 10th

It is always in the best interest of a quizzer to be as clear as possible when completing an interrupted question. You don’t want officials conferring or the opposing team to contest over something unclear, even if it does end up being correct. On the rare occasion that a quizzer may complete a quotation question… View Article

“Words” v “Phrase”

Posted by: in Quiz Questions on September 10th

Anticipating, interrupting, and correctly completing a question is no easy thing. On even the easiest questions, quizzers have to account for several elements. Because we want quizzers’ study to be rewarded as often as possible by correctly answering questions, it is in the quizzers’ interests that, as often as possible, questions conform to patterns and… View Article

“Psalm” or “Psalms”?

Posted by: in 2020, Quiz Questions on August 20th

Studying more than a single book each of the last three seasons means that the book name has always been included within a verse reference, e.g. “Romans chapter 1 verse 16.” Even though a psalm is equivalent to a chapter, it is important that a quizmaster maintain consistent cadence when reading a question, so this… View Article

“…contains this information.”

Posted by: in Quiz Questions on August 20th

“Glory of God;” quote the verse that contains this phrase. There are instances in which a quizzer might interrupt and conclude a question LIKE the one above with, “…that contains this information.” And most times that quizzer would be correct because the information is so unique that it is found in only that particular verse…. View Article

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