For those who have yet to quiz, UPCI Youth Ministries introduces Ignite by Bible Quizzing.

  • Approximately 50 – 60 verses…Covering Acts 2 (47 verses) for 2024!
  • 10-point questions only
  • Limited question types: direct, two-part, quotation, quotation completion
  • No Bible Quizzing experience required

Ignite the spark of Bible Quizzing in your church with the Word of God in your home every day!

Download the free 2024 digital packet (rules addendum, memorization tips, formatted material, printable scoresheet).

Download the Ignite graphics package to promote in your district and local church.

House Leagues, for free quizzes, compliments of UPCI Youth Ministries and Move the Mission, and more information on how best to get started, contact your district Bible Quizzing Coordinator.