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Posted in Quiz Questions on September 10th

It is always in the best interest of a quizzer to be as clear as possible when completing an interrupted question. You don’t want officials conferring or the opposing team to contest over something unclear, even if it does end up being correct.

On the rare occasion that a quizzer may complete a quotation question without actually using the term “quote.” For example:

Quizmaster: “Question number 13 is a quotation question worth 20 points. Question. As found in verse 38 of Acts” [interruption]

Quizzer: “of Acts chapter 2, what did Peter say?”

Because the question has already been labeled as a Quotation question during the reading by the quizmaster, any material required in the answer must be quoted word perfectly, regardless of whether the quizzer actually says the word “quote” or not. In such rare cases, the quizzer is not incorrect. Because the label of the question takes precedence, the quizzer’s answer is in essence the same as if the quizzer had completed the question, “…of Acts chapter 2, quote what Peter said.”

Russ Faubert
Bible Quizzing Director
UPCI Youth Ministries

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