“Psalm” or “Psalms”?

Posted in 2020, Quiz Questions on August 20th

Studying more than a single book each of the last three seasons means that the book name has always been included within a verse reference, e.g. “Romans chapter 1 verse 16.”

Even though a psalm is equivalent to a chapter, it is important that a quizmaster maintain consistent cadence when reading a question, so this practice has included the book of Psalms, as in “Psalms chapter 23 verse 1.”

Despite studying only Psalms for 2020, we will nonetheless maintain our standard from year to year. Question writers should include “Psalms” within references, and quizmasters should read book, chapter, and verse as written.

Quizzers are not held to the same standard. They may say either, “Psalms chapter 23…,” or “Psalm 23…,” or even, “chapter 23…,” since we are studying a single book, without penalty.

Russ Faubert
Bible Quizzing Director
UPCI Youth Ministries

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