What to Do If Your Buzzer Stops Working

Posted in Rules Manual on October 2nd

Part 2, section G, subsection 34 (on page 33) is a new addition to the 2020 rules manual. This new rule addresses the rare cases when a quizzer’s buzzer stops working. In order to adopt this rule, the rule about contesting when your own team answers correctly has been removed.

34. Should a quizzer contest and that contest be withdrawn only to be immediately followed by a Point of Order that addresses a technical malfunction or oversight by officials:

a. The issue will be resolved at whatever point the malfunction or oversight is confirmed. Only the outcome of the current question may be altered—previously asked/answered questions and points scored will not be altered—and the quiz will proceed from that point. That withdrawn contest will not count against the team’s maximum of two withdrawn contests.

b. Upon review by officials, should the issue raised by the Point of Order be unsupported, the withdrawn contest will count against that team’s maximum of two withdrawn contests.

Russ Faubert
Bible Quizzing Director
UPCI Youth Ministries

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