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Quiz Questions in Each Division

Posted by: in Quiz Questions on July 24th

What is the difference between Intermediate Division quiz questions and Experienced Division quiz questions? Only the scope of the material from which the questions are drawn. For both your district finals and nationals, the questions for both divisions are written into the same database. When quizzes are compiled, Experienced Division quiz questions are simply filtered… View Article

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“Wings of the Wind”

Posted by: in 2020 on November 20th

Despite the color coding within Psalms 18:10, which reads,  “And he rode upon a cherub, and did fly: yea, he did fly upon the wings of the wind.”, wings will not be considered a body part. Per our annually-published Points of Interpretation: Color coding of materials is intended as an aid to learning only; oversights… View Article

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Posted by: in General Interest on October 7th

The term “selah” is found 18 times in 9 psalms of our study. We don’t exactly know what it means, but it includes the concepts of pausing to praise, or waiting, or reflecting, or quieting yourself in God’s presence. For Bible Quizzing purposes, the question is most often whether it is pronounced “SEE-lah” or “SAY-lah.”… View Article

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What to Do If Your Buzzer Stops Working

Posted by: in Rules Manual on October 2nd

Part 2, section G, subsection 34 (on page 33) is a new addition to the 2020 rules manual. This new rule addresses the rare cases when a quizzer’s buzzer stops working. In order to adopt this rule, the rule about contesting when your own team answers correctly has been removed. 34. Should a quizzer contest… View Article

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Including “Quote”

Posted by: in Quiz Questions on September 10th

It is always in the best interest of a quizzer to be as clear as possible when completing an interrupted question. You don’t want officials conferring or the opposing team to contest over something unclear, even if it does end up being correct. On the rare occasion that a quizzer may complete a quotation question… View Article

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